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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I book you for?

Phone calls, video session, social dates (in public, no play), private sessions of varying length. I also provide an ongoing remote experience that typically includes assignments, photos, and regular check in for a period of time. I am available for weekend travel to or with you. I am based in NYC/NJ and travel to DC/Baltimore regularly.


How do I setup a date with you?

I respond fastest to requests sent through my booking form. You can also email me at

A tribute to kick things off always catches my eye.

Should I bring anything to our session?

If you have toys you enjoy, sure! Tips (20%) or gifts are often

given, which are not expected but always appreciated.

My favorite gifts are: pounds of specialty coffee, silicone lube

(Uberglide or Eden), cat treats for my cat, anything made

of leather or latex (including gloves), candles (Burke & Hare

is my favorite company).

Avoid perfumes, alcohol, and never bring drugs.


How do you describe your style?

Close-contact and manual. I'm strong and I like to use it; I like crawling on top of submissive, sitting on faces, manhandling. I'm medium protocol- I take my play seriously but I express pleasure, and delight (including laughing) when I genuinely feel it. I'm bossy and like to give firm instructions. 

What's your background in BDSM?

I started in the community when I was 19, I'm in my early 30s now. I always gravitated to dominance and was a lifestyle domme for years before I went pro. I've been in the sex industry in different ways over the years, and I've been a pro domme for 7 years. 

What kind of submissive are you into?

I like good boys/girls! People who like to please/serve. Subs that look up at me with big, pleading eyes. Subs who hold dommes with reverence and gratitude. I like hungry bodies, deep desire, weird kinks, sharp minds, and a good sense of humor.


People of all genders, races, ages, and body types. Truly none of these things matter in my potential attraction to you. I happily accommodate people who have disabilities and especially welcome queer and trans clients. I like submissive who have good communication skills, are well mannered, and fun. 


What are your favorite kinks?

I describe my range as cruel to sensual. On my sadistic end, I enjoy

beatings, humiliation and degradation, watersports, trampling,

bondage, sensory deprivation, rules and structure. On my sensual end,

I like being served, using people for my pleasure, tease and denial,

sensation play, body worship, all things ass, forced bi/cuckolding, both

exhibitionism and voyeurism.


  Some of my sessions are purely bdsm, though I derive power from

my sexuality and also enjoy sessions that incorporate

both lust and dominance.


I LOVE double dom(me) sessions and have a few play partners that I have incredible chemistry with. Always feel free to ask for this.




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