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All session require a screening and deposit. Screening information will be held in confidence.


Deposit is typically 20% of the session tribute (which reserves my time and the incall space) but may be greater for extended sessions or while touring. Excluding exceptional circumstances, deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are accepted via wishtender (preferred), or cashapp. 

Lead up to session-

I will send a confirmation email with all details. I will need a phone number for day of communication, and will send you mine. I welcome questions or session input but will recommend booking a phone call if we need advanced planning.


I heed to "stop", "red" or any indication that you are at your limit, unless otherwise negotiated. I center consent in all my play, and I expect this to be true for you also. 

I expect good manners, good hygiene, and a good time. A shower is available at my incall locations. 

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